One Year of Tugo Bike Share


A Successful Year One for Tugo Bike Share in Tucson


Well, Tucson, the one year mark of riding the iconic orange Tugo Bike Share bikes has come and gone as we now settle into the roads of year two and beyond. The bikes have ridden many miles and made an impact on the way people think about and plan their transportation routes. Our 36 stations were laid down in November of 2017, and we’ve been cruising ever since:


  • Over 27,000 trips since launch in November 2017
  • Very high Tugo-For-All pass utilization accounting for 18% of total annual memberships sold
  • 18,000+ miles traveled on tugo bikes with customers burning over 769,000 calories
  • Over 12,000 pounds of CO2 emissions saved from customers electing to use tugo
  • Bicycles and docking points available at stations for customer use over 99% of the time


In September, ahead of our One Year milestone, we celebrated a ridership achievement, surpassing 25k rides. Following, in October, Tugo introduced new passes with the Explorer Pass and Single Trip options.


25k ride milestone for Tugo Bike Share


“We couldn’t be happier to see how the city, residents, and students alike have supported and embraced the TuGo program. Through a variety of programs like regular coordinated rides with LSA, the Ben’s Bells bike, A Mountain Challenge, U of A Pass (and many more) with local partners and the terrific support of local sponsors – TEP, TMC, El Rio, Health On Broadway, Visit Tucson, Rio Nuevo, Gadsden, TON, Banner Health, Tucson Roadrunners, Caterpillar –  the City of Tucson’s first ever bike share program is off to a great start!”Edward Inlow, CEO Shift Transit.


Shift Transit is the Operator running the Tugo Bike Share program in partnership with the City of Tucson.


In a series of events through November, we are celebrating everything Tugo, from our One Year Anniversary Party to Team Tugo riding in El Tour de Tucson.


Tugo Bike Share One Year Event


On Wednesday, November 14, Tugo hosted a One Year Party. Partners, community and local supporters gathered to celebrate how Tugo is making an impact in Tucson, embracing the shared economy and transportation efforts to the successful adoption of Tucsonians of the bike share model through the city. Dusty from the Roadrunners even made an appearance and had a great time!


“We’re really pleased with the success of Tugo this first year. We are excited to continue our partnership with Shift Transit and grow the program so more Tucsonians and visitors have access to sustainable mobility options.” – Ann Chanecka, City of Tucson



While still on a high from the excitement of Wednesday’s celebration, Team Tugo, in their matching team jerseys, took to the rolling trail of the El Tour de Tucson event. On Saturday, November 17, exactly one year from the official program launch date, 18 enthusiastic and determined riders hopped on Tugo bikes and rode the 25 mile leg of El Tour. Team Tugo was organized in partnership with local supporters and LSA. All proceeds from the fundraising effort went to LSA, a close partner of Tugo’s throughout the first year. Congratulations to all our riders!



The fun doesn’t stop here. We are just getting started and excited to take on Year 2 and beyond.


Let’s continue to ride together, Tucson!


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