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Tugo Bike Share and Partner Tucson Electric Power To Offer Free Ride Wednesdays


Free Ride Wednesdays Powered by TEP - April 2022


Tugo Bike Share is excited to announce Free Ride Wednesdays during the month of April. Thanks to Tugo Bike Share’s partner, Tucson Electric Power (TEP), Tugo Bike Share riders will ride for free every Wednesday in the month of April. Riders can take out a bike at no cost, ride for as long as they wish, then return the bike to any station from 8am – 10pm on Wednesdays.


“We encourage all Tucsonans to grab a bike to commute or explore the city the greener, healthier and fun way. Grab a friend and discover a new favorite local spot or two,” said Heili Toome, Chief Marketing Officer at Shift Transit, Tugo’s long standing operating company, “Tugo is grateful to TEP for their sponsorship and continued support of Bike Share.”


“We’re making the energy we deliver cleaner, greener and healthier all the time so sponsoring free rides is well-aligned with those priorities,” said Joe Salkowski, TEP’s Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “With $0 daily passes, it’s easier than ever for riders to discover the environmental benefits and convenience of biking in the city.”


The benefits of bike sharing are undeniable and the program has seen more than 80,000 trips, sold more than 11,000 passes, which translates to over 60,000 miles biked and account for approximately 38,000 pounds of CO2 emissions saved. 


As we start to welcome more visitors and see more and more Tucsonans out and about, Tugo Bike Share wants riders to enjoy new experiences and discover the benefits of biking in the city.


Here’s how to take advantage of Free Ride Wednesdays:


  • Download the PBSC app or visit the Tugo Bike Share website to find a station near you.
  • Go to any of the 41 bike share stations between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on one of the 4 Wednesdays in April. 
  • Select “Buy a pass” on the kiosk touch screen and select “Free Ride Wednesday Powered by TEP” for $0, then insert your credit card* and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also obtain your pass on the PBSC app by selecting “Purchase Access Pass” on the app. There is a refundable $24 deposit per bike. *a valid credit card is required on all bike share customer accounts. 
  • After completing the transaction, type in the code you received into the keypad on the left side of the docking point with an available bike. 
  • Explore Tucson for free and return your bike to any station when your trip is complete.
  • Take out another bike and keep riding


Learn more about Free Ride Wednesdays: https://tugobikeshare.com/free-ride-wednesdays/

To get started, visit a station or download the PBSC app for quick, contactless access.


Let’s ride, Tucson!


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