Tugo 2018: A Year In Review


A year led by growth, strong ridership and community building for Tugo.


2018 was one incredible year for Tugo Bike Share and it’s all because of YOU!


What made last year so fantastic? From Free Ride Days to celebrating our One Year Anniversary, there’s a lot for Tugo members & users to celebrate as we reflect back on 2018 and ride forward into 2019.


2018 Review








Uphill Ridership

The end of 2018 marked 13 months of operation for Tugo Bike Share in Tucson. Thousands of Tucsonians and visitors have embraced the program with the purchase of annual memberships and casual riding passes, resulting in over 30,ooo trips. Can we beat this ridership in 2019? Be a part of the movement!


Tugo Bike Share Tucson


Free Ride Days

We gave back to our riders this year with Free Ride Days! Offering users free rides on specified dates, we invited Tucson to try the system free of charge.


In September, riders enjoyed Free Ride Week to celebrate the coming of fall and an influx of students returning to the city. Hundreds of people took to the streets to ride. Further, encouraging Tucsonians to get to the polls, we also hosted a Free Ride Day to help people get to the polls to vote in November. Whether commuting to work, running errands or exploring Tucson, Tugo’s Free Ride Days gave our city the opportunity to do so from a bike seat.


Free Ride Day on Nov 6



First Unicorn Bike

Tugo was the new kid on the block and we wanted to fit in and find a way to give back. We partnered with local organization Ben’s Bells to create the the first Be Kind Unicorn Bike in an effort to raise money for Ben’s Bells community work. The Be Kind Bike was the first Unicorn Bike for Tugo and we looked forward to many more Unicorn Bike programs to hit the streets!



Be Kind Bike 2018


Member Perks

In 2018, we launched our Member Perks program in an effort to continue to grow the community around Tugo Bike Share. The program extends discounts to members for goods and services around Tucson, as well as allows Tugo to further integrate into the community by partnering with local businesses. Member Perks program will continue to flourish as we add on new partners every month. If you don’t have a membership already, grab one  and ride through Tucson, while connecting with local gems listed on our site!


Member Perks

Tugo Celebrates 1 Year in Tucson with El Tour!

November 2017 brought the excitement and change in the way Tucsonians move with the launch of Tugo Bike Share.  One year later, in November 2018, Tucson celebrated Tugo’s first birthday  with a celebration event that brought together key program partners, founding sponsors as well as enthusiastic riders and all around supporters.


The ride continued with Team Tugo. A dedicated group of riders came together and took on the 25 mile leg of the tour on Tugo bikes. Keep calm and ride on, Tucson!


Team Tugo in El Tour 2018


Our Top Riders


Juhyung Sun

“Most days, I find myself at the University of Arizona: near University Blvd, at the Main Library, and around the Health Sciences area. Luckily, there’s a TuGo station near each of those areas! During the week, it’s not rare for me to check out a TuGo bike twice in one day (even three or four times, depending on my schedule). 

For the ground I have to cover, where I cover it, biking is one of the fastest ways to get around; taking a car around the different areas of campus doesn’t make much sense. Back in the day, I would use my own bike, but my experience with TuGo has been so convenient that I’ve largely left that behind. Admittedly, TuGo bikes aren’t the fastest or the sleekest or the most high-tech– but I find that’s outweighed by the luxury of picking up any bike from any station, setting it and forgetting where I end up, and not worry about locking up my bike or having it stolen.
The app made it really easy to get started, and the membership key provides a quick way to check bikes out if I don’t feel like messing with my phone. All in all, the TuGo Bike Share has become a regular part of my routine and makes all the things I have to get through in a day just a little bit easier.” 
Juhyung Tugo Rider

Austin O’Malley

“I teach at the University of Arizona, and our campus is enormous. Some of my classes are a twenty-minute walk from my office, and the gym and the library are also pretty far. With TuGo, though, I can get wherever I need to go in five minutes or less, with more flexibility and without the hassle and worry of bringing my own bike. TuGo saves me tons of time each day!”

With 2018 being a strong year, what will 2019 ridership and program growth look like? Grab a bike and become part of the Tugo Family!


-Your Friends at Tugo Bike Share


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