Roll to the Polls for FREE with Tugo


Cast your ballot with $0 Daily Passes.


We believe the right to vote is fundamental to the success of our democracy – that’s why we’re giving away FREE Daily Passes on Election Day. Roll to the Polls with Tugo at no cost on November 3rd.


Providing safe, accessible transit to and from the polls, Tugo’s $0 Daily Pass allows Tucsonans to ride to and from their polling place free of charge. Simply visit a station kiosk or download the CycleFinder/PBSC App on November 3rd. to get your free Daily Pass.  Enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station to station trips while your pass is active. After 30 minutes, overage fees apply.


Off to the polls? Be sure to visit our website or download the CycleFinder/PBSC App to find parking by your polling place.



Get Riding for FREE:


  • Visit a station kiosk or download the CycleFinder/PBSC App on November 3, 2020.
  • Tap ‘Buy a Pass’ on a kiosk touch screen or the app, select ‘$0 Daily Pass’ and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Get riding by entering your 5-digit code into any dock with an available bike.
  • Enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station to station trips for 24 consecutive hours. For trips longer than 30 minutes, overage fees accumulate at a rate of $4 per additional 30 minutes of trip time.
  • Return your bike to any station. Check parking availability at stations near your polling place on our website or the CycleFinder/PBSC App.
  • To ride again, select “I Have a Pass” at a kiosk and insert your credit card, or use the CycleFinder/PBSC App. Take as many free 30-minute trips as you like while your pass is still active. 



Cast your ballot without worrying about transportation – unlock, ride, dock and VOTE! Take advantage of 24 hours of free biking by riding again and again with Tugo.


Tugo Bike Share provides a safe, reliable and accessible means of transportation for Tucsonans. Taking over 22,600 trips in the last 12 months, the system continues to play a key role in Tucson’s transportation landscape. Expanding the service area in 2019 to include four new neighborhoods and a total of 41 stations, Tugo Bike Share is working to make bikesharing more accessible citywide. Biking over 46,000 miles, burning over 13,881,600 calories and offsetting carbon emissions by 41,800 lbs this year, we’re proud to help make our city a greener, healthier place to live.


Biking is a great way travel while maintaining a safe physical distance from others. In an effort to prioritize health and safety, Tugo has ramped up its cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. As bikes are regularly in use and exposed to the environment, we strongly recommend that riders take the steps outlined by the CDC when using the system. The best way to prevent infection is to follow the recommended personal hygiene measures by cleaning your bike before use.



Biking with us on Election Day? Share your ride with us at @TugoBikeShare!

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