2019: A Year of Milestones for Tugo




Riding into 2020, we’re reflecting on our incredible journey with Tucson over the past year. From expanding our system into new neighbourhoods to Tugo turning two, we are thrilled to have welcomed more riders to the bikeshare community. With bikesharing named this decade’s biggest transportation success story, we can’t help but wonder what 2020 will bring! Become a member and join us for another incredible year of biking.


2019 Milestones 


OVER 24,600 TRIPS IN 2019

Over 52,600 miles biked

Over 48,300 lbs of carbon offset from YOUR trips taken

40 Stations – 4 NEW IN 2019



System Expansion 

Adding four new locations and 51 new docking points in 2019, Tugo expanded to 40 stations this year! Growing Tugo’s service area to include Presidio Park, Catalina Park, Lost Barrio and at Reid Park. Bikeshare is continuing to revolutionize how we get around, with bike sharing options doubling globally since 2014. We are thrilled to be part of the shared mobility movement in Tucson! 





Tugo Turned Two

Tugo celebrated our second anniversary riding with Tucson in 2019! Our birthday gift for users? Free two week trials. We invited Tucson to enjoy unlimited 30 minute station-to-station trips for 14 days on us. What will year three bring? Grab a Tugo in 2020 and let’s find!



Free Ride Days

We gave back to our riders this year with Free Ride Days! Offering users free rides on specified dates, we invited Tucson to try the system free of charge. In September, riders enjoyed a Free Ride Day on National Car Free Day! According to The Washington Post, the event “promotes improvement of mass transit, cycling and walking, and the development of communities where jobs are closer to home and where shopping is within walking distance.”




BIG Savings for Riders

We gave back to our riders this year with big savings! Offering free trials, Wildcat discounts, flash sales and our annual Membership Blitz, the Tugo team offered a variety of savings for our users. Fear not, you haven’t missed out on our deals! Stay tuned for more exciting promotions in 2020.




A Greener Tucson

Biking an incredible 52,622 miles in 2019, together we offset carbon emissions by 48,260 lbs. With great distance comes great exercise as well! According to Deloitte, bikeshare is brings about “profound societal changes” through “reductions in traffic and pollution, less-crowded public transit systems, and improvements in public health.” Tugo is happy to be a part of making Tucson a greener city!





Love Tucson Unicorn Bike

We rang in Tucson’s 107th birthday on Valentine’s Day with the unveiling of our Love Tucson unicorn bike! Are you wondering “what in the world is a unicorn bike?” A unicorn bike is a uniquely decorated bike share bicycle that stands out from the rest of the fleet. We teamed up with Why I Love Where I Love (WILWIL) to launch the Love Tucson Bike Program, kicking off with a Community Ride on February 14th and a fun Ride & Seek Challenge.


WIL WIL 2019





With 2019 being a strong year, what will 2020 ridership and program growth look like? Grab a bike and become part of the Tugo Family!






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