Free ride Tuesdays sponsored by Caterpillar


for FREE every Tuesday in December!

1  Go to any of our 36 bike share stations on Tuesdays. Find your nearest station by downloading the Cyclefinder App.

2   Insert your credit card, select “$0 One-Day ” and follow the instructions on the screen, or pay on the Cyclefinder App by selecting “Purchase Access Pass".

3   After completing the transaction, pickany bike and type in your code.

4   Ride through Tucson for up to a maximum of 30 minutes at a time.*Fees w ill apply if you go over your 30
minutes .

5   Return your bike at any station and take out another by inserting your credit card, or using Cyclefinder App, and selecting “I already have a pass ”, then repeat steps 3-5. You can take as many 30 minute free rides as you like on that Tuesday.


*The $0 one-day pass is for a maximum of 30 minutes. To avoid overage charges, simply dock the bike before the time goes OVER and take another out to continue riding.




Tugo Kiosks
Mercado North Congress/5th UA- 2nd st garage
Tumamoc Hill 4th ave/9th st UA- Warrenave/helen
TCC 4th ave/7th st Campbell and copper
Downtown Main Library 6th ave/7th st South Tucson Municipal Complex
Ronstadt Transit Center University blvd/3rd ave Santa Rosa
Armory Park Main Gate/Univ blvd