Tucson Free Ride Thursdays

Free Ride Thursdays Brought to you by


Get active this October with Free Ride Thursdays Brought To You By El Rio Health! Take advantage of $0 Daily Passes every Thursday to enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station-to-station trips for 24 consecutive hours.


In an effort to prioritize health and safety, Tugo Bike Share has ramped up its cleaning program during the COVID-19 crisis. As bikes are regularly in use and exposed to the environment, Bike Share continues to strongly recommend that riders take the steps outlined in the Pima County Health Department and the CDC when using the system. The best way to prevent infection is to follow the recommended personal hygiene measures by cleaning your bike before use.


Visit a station kiosk or download the CycleFinder/PBSC app on Thursdays in October to get riding for FREE.



 Get Started

1) Visit one our stations or download the CycleFinder/PBSC app on Thursdays in October.


2) Select "Buy a Pass" on a kiosk touch screen or app,  select "$0 Daily Pass" and follow the on screen instructions.


3) Get riding by entering your 5-digit ride code on any dock with an available bike. 


4) Enjoy unlimited 30-minute, station-to-station trips while your pass is active. For every trip exceeding 30 minutes, overage fees will accumulate at a rate of $4 per additional 30 minutes of trip time.


5) Return your bike to any station to end your trip. To ride again, select "I Have a Pass" at a kiosk and insert your credit card, or use the CycleFinder/PBSC app. Take as many free 30-minute trips as you like while your pass is still active. 


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